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created by spider web services

We like to think that we have the ability to “think outside the box”

in our approach to building so we wanted something that would

signify this, hence the use of ninedot in the name.

Nine dot being the name of a puzzle where the dots are joined

by drawing four lines or less through all the dots without the pen

leaving the paper

Thinking outside the box and lateral thinking

This classic puzzle is also known as the Nine Dots Puzzle. It is believed that the phrase “think outside the box” is based on the solution though the puzzle itself is much older than the phrase. Some historians attribute the puzzle to the English author and mathematician Henry Ernest Dudeney (1857 – 1930), who sometimes used the pseudonym “Sphinx”. It also appeared in Sam Lloyd‟s 1914 Cyclopedia of Puzzles entitled “Christopher Columbus‟s Egg”.

The notion of “thinking outside the box” is similar to Edward De Bono‟s “lateral thinking” and the nine dots puzzle has been widely used by business consultants to demonstrate that solving problems often requires a new perspective or thinking beyond traditional boundaries.

Professor Daniel Kies, a linguist and English teacher at the College of DuPage, offers an animated solution to the puzzle and interesting explanation about why it can be so difficult to solve:

"When most of us look at the field of nine dots, we imagine a boundary around the edge of the dot array. In doing so, we limit ourselves to trying solutions to the puzzle that only link the dots inside the imaginary border. The result is futility. We can only solve the puzzle if we realize that there is no border."


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