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created by spider web services

This family home evolved from Mick Millers love of the Western movies that he used to watch as a kid with his dad.

The style originates from South Western America and is based on the “False Front” principal. This involved creating a front on the building that gave the impression of largeness, even though the rest of the building behind the facade was considerably smaller. Mick has had several trips to America to study the Santa Fe style buildings as well as Pueblo designs

Mick started with pictures of buildings he liked and scaled them up to apply elements he liked to his own building, at that stage a two bedroom fibro shack.

After a considerable amount of work Mick came up with a design that he was satisfied with and then proceeded to renovate his home following his adapted design.

The result is a striking home that nestles comfortably within its beach side environment.

Tam O’ Shanter Bay